Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #48 - The Little Things........

 me and my cute gpa!
This week was such a happy week. Let me tell you why:
1. Hermano Silverio got baptized! (this was by far one of the happiest moments in my missionary life!) I really just felt so much joy from witnessing his growth and seeing him enter the waters of baptism was just so sweet. He cried on Sunday.


2. This week we were contacting a street and we noticed a house with the doors open. We contacted it and the lady invited us in to talk more. Her name is Pabla. She belongs to another Christian church but she told us that she wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon and that she never had the chance to read it before.... (so of course we gave her a copy!) She said that she would read it and ask God if it was true. She also added that if she knew it was true she would follow the will of God. She is great.
3. Last night we were really far away from our house (5 miles away) and it was really dark. We were searching for this boy that recently got baptized and we found his house! As we were there the mom got really concerned and said that we could not leave because there was a dangerous man on the streets. (one who was known for robbing at gun point....) and we were both really nervous. I said a quick prayer in my heart and within 3 minutes the bishop came by to do some ward business. We went home with him. Heavenly Father was listening to my prayers. He sure loves His missionaries.
4. I held a turtle.

Hermana Hannah

my favorite babies in the world! abby and joshie! :)
this is me making cabure with hno silverio 
calendario that i made with scriptures and questions

Hermanas Murphy & Gonzalez
fathers day activity invites

Apparently Hannah is still able to get her "craft on" in Paraguay!!

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