Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #44 - 10 Months

Yep, it has been 10 months. I am officially DOUBLE DIGITS. WHAT! So I am training and it has been a good experience learning everything over again. I am training a girl from Mexico and her name is Hermana Gonzalez. Yep, my second compañera with the same name. I think I will just end my mission with a Hermana Gonzalez!

Hannah and her new companion from Mexico.....Hermana Gonzalez
Last week I shared a story of an old grandpa that we met. I want to share more about him! Ah, he is so cute. His name is Selverio Jimenez and he is 70 years old. We met him contacting and he came to church with us less than 12 hours after. We did not know if he would progress much, but his is. He is reading the Book of Mormon. Every time we pass his house, he is reading it. (Okay we pass his house a lot-- it’s exciting!) Anyways, he loves all of the lessons we have been teaching him. We had stake conference this weekend and it was super great. Elder Viñas came (of the seventy) and he spoke to all of the missionaries on Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference.

So we went together, and Hermano Selverio came with us. He loves the church and all of the members! We are really hopeful that he will progress and be baptized later this month! :)

We found a whole family to teach. They are super Catholic, but they are learning and they all like to learn together. We always sing the songs with them.

This week I received the package from my family and Marissa. It was awesome. We have been eating sour patch watermelons and reading the Infinite Atonement like crazy! Overall, it was a good week! Thanks for your love, support, and prayers. I can feel it. 

Hermanas Gonzalez, Ehlert and Murphy
Hannah with her 2nd Package from Home......and it actually MADE IT to Paraguay!!
(Complete with six packages of her fav Sour Patch Watermelons!!) She is also
wearing a new outfit that we put in the box.  CUTE!!!

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