Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Missionary Celebration for Hannah and Maren!

We have lived in Portland, Oregon for almost 19 years and we have been blessed with some of the best friends in the world.  They truly are like family to us!  Probably since the second that both Hannah and Maren received their mission calls, Reenie Fisher and Kristene Allen started planning an amazing "Mission Party" for the girls.  We kept laughing because it was like a "shower" but for their missions.  We had such a great night celebrating with our two favorite missionaries to be!!

Celebrating both Argentina and France this evening.

Kristen, Maren, Hannah and Reenie

Here the food is served.  Kristene made some amazing savory dishes from Argentina and Reenie bought delicious sweet desserts from Provence in Lake Oswego.  We had dinner, dessert and lots of yummy things to try.

Reenie and Kristene had pillowcases for everyone to sign (made with super cute sister missionary fabric) and they had games to play (with prizes even!)

We had to guess if the answer is from Paris, France or Posadas, Argentina 
(it was harder than you would think!)

The girls had to have a packing race with tons of items needed on a mission.

Maren won this game!

And then the mom's had to do the packing race too.......

And Jeanne won this one.........(apparently the Hansen's travel a little more than the Murphy's since they were PROS at this game.  haha!)

Scripture chase time!

I LOVE these two girls......can't imagine a better friend for Hannah!

They even got GIFTS!  Lucky!


THANK YOU Kristene!!  XOXO

We just had the BEST TIME hanging with the friends we love and adore so much!  It will be so fun to watch these girls as they serve on their missions!