Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #49- 4 de julio

My first fourth of July away from home in a different country was a little weird.... all of the people thought I loved Paraguay a lot because I was wearing red, white, and blue! (How nice right, USA & Paraguay have the same colors!) My comp dressed up with me and we took some 4th of July pics! We celebrated with lunch with Hermano Silverio and my companion and I made key lime pie (yes dad, be happy I can make it now!)
Anyways, we have been making some great progress with some investigators. We have been working with Pabla and she really loves all that we have been teaching her. This week she told us, "I know God gives us opportunities to learn about His path in this life, and I know He will ask me about my chances in the next life, so I want to find the true path." We were both in shock. Seriously! I finally have an investigator that has said something like that to us! We have been teaching about the Book of Mormon and every time we teach she has more desires to read. it is awesome.
Yesterday, Hno Silverio received priesthood! He was so darn excited. He was feeling sick on Saturday and he said that if he wasn’t feeling well he wasn’t going to go to church. On Sunday we left to go to his house to travel with him to church and i guess we were a little late because he left without us! haha. He is so great!

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