Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #43 - Challenging Week....but lots of blessings as well!

My sweet friend Hermana Herrera sent me a card this week with a quote that says: ´´You are doing God´s work! You are doing it wonderfully well. He is blessing you & he will bless you... especially when your days & your nights may be most challenging.´´
Flashback pic of Hermana Herrera and Murphy in the MTC -August 2014
SO GLAD that they are still connected!
This week was easily one of the hardest weeks of my mission but it is okay. I have had one of the greatest miracles! On Saturday night we were walking home and we passed this old man and I had a feeling to talk to him so we did. We went and sat with him on his lawn chairs and he told us about what he thought about the church. 

He said: “Before I thought you all worshiped Joseph Smith. But then a friend of mine gave me a book of yours (the Liahona... a special edition from like 2006 about Joseph Smith) and he said how much he loved it. We taught lesson one (about Joseph Smith) and invited him to be baptized. He accepted and said that he wanted to go to church. He came with us to church and LOVED IT! They always speak Guarani at church so he understood a lot and loved it.

This week was really challenging for me, but there were a lot of blessings as well. 

Hermana Murphy

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #42 - Dengue Fever Week........

Skyping with the family on Mother's Day........Hannah's perspective.........
Before you all get too freaked out! I DID NOT HAVE DENGUE.... (at least I haven’t gotten it yet....) one of my two companions got it.... so we were in the apartment all this week.

(The picture was the set-up of hna Simmons and I had.... haha we cut up so many Liahonas it is not okay...)

This week consisted of watching ALL of the “Preach My Gospel” movies, making food, making fondue & laughing so hard. I am really grateful for the opportunity I had to help hna Moreno feel better and hangout with hna Simmons. 

This week I will be picking up my new companion! I was just called to be a trainer and I am so so so excited and nervous all at the same time! 


me, hna moreno, hna wilson, hna cardenas, hna simmons
 (top) elder lopez, elder ramos, elder rigby, elder meniz (bottom)

this is my cute little abby. i love her so much.
she always calls us ´nanas´ and wants to wear our plaque
Hannah:  sad day... i learned how to make fondue...
Why is that a sad day?  That sounds like the PERFECT day to me!
it is sad for my poor waist!
hna albach and i--we are going to be companions someday
elder ramos. he is just the best.(it was a game don't worry, we work hard!)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #41 - Mother's Day Bliss

Mother's Day 2015.......AKA BEST DAY EVER!!!
This week my BEST FRIEND Hermana Gonzalez finished her mission. It was really hard to see her go because we were with each other for such a long time! I have so much gratitude for my Heavenly Father for putting us together for a good part of my mission! 

I am now in a trio with Hermana Simmons and HERMANA MORENO again. I am super excited. This week we have been working in the areas of the Hermana’s (my new comps) and we haven’t been to my area a lot. BUT, we did go on Friday and we met the coolest lady.

There is a family in our ward, the Arancibia family, and they always give us references. (They are the best.) Last week they gave us a really great reference named Dora. We went to her house and she was busy working, so we asked if we could help her. She let us in and she let us help her! She throws parties for a living (how fun right?) and she was making all of these decorations for a Finding Nemo party. Anyways we started crafting and talking and we really got to know her better. She is really a great lady. She has 3 children and her oldest daughter is 14. Her husband works away from home so she is with the kids only from Monday to Friday. 

As we finished some of the decorations we simply testified of families and how they can be together forever. We talked about all of the blessings of the gospel. She cried and said that she wanted to know more. I am so grateful for references and forever families. 

This weekend I was able to talk to my forever’s and it was just so great. I cried so hard when I saw their faces!

Let the tears flow......
 I was just so happy.

Hannah really looks SO DARN HAPPY!!
Judging by my picture, you can tell that I had a REALLY good Mother´s Day. It was so good seeing my family again, aren´t they just the cutest??

Maddie, Hans and Hermana Moreno (Rick, Heather...taking pics and Collin horizontal on the couch!
Anyways, I am so grateful for everything my mom has taught me and it reminds me of a story I read in the Book of Mormon. (Alma 56:47-48) moms are the best.

thanks mumsie. 


Hermana Hannah

Hannah has three name tags.  This one is in case she serves in Brazil.
She also has one in Guarani for Paraguay and of course Spanish for Argentina.
She's a well rounded Hermana! 
Hananh, Hermana Moreno and Hermana Simmons (Maren Hansen's roomie from BYU) skyping with the Murphy family!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #40 - AKA......Monday Before our Mother's Day Phone Call! WOOT!

found this sign and we are happy to be missionaries! hna gonzalez and hna cardenas!
hermana hannah in paraguay
the other picture is with a family from barrio 2!
the cute little boy is named joshua. i love him
we are making ñokis! (what kristene made for my party!) 
divisions with my best friend from the mission hna olvera. my face is cut off because i was just so excited!
zone activity last week. we ate lomitos and watched epraims rescue. it is a good movie! 
making lunch with hermana marta martinez on her birthday!
look at all the ñokis we made!