Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #57 - Picture Day!!

mira un poco! (EVERYONE SAYS THIS HERE!)

mira un MUCHO! 
hahahaha a joke we have. hna mejía is the best. we always laugh together
this is the cute family of hna báez! she lives in San Pedro de Parana and
we went to open her call with her family! they were SO CUTE
i love my compy!
my sweet mirta is getting married! we threw her a bridal shower. she was opening up presents.... 
(notice the cat.... that cat is ALWAYS in the church building. it is practically a member.....)
PERÚ ARIQUEPA! :) she wanted to go there too!
we had to sleep with these lovelies for 2 nights.... hna merchán and hna marvian! :)
we had to sleep with these lovelies for 2 nights.... hna merchán and hna marvian! :)
hna dempsey

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week #56 - A Good Week

This week was one of the HAPPIEST weeks in my mission. I just felt so happy.
This week there was a temple trip.... and guess who went? My sweet little grandpa Silverio.  He has been working on his family history (yes mom you would be proud...) and he was able to do the baptisms for his ancestors. I have never seen someone so happy in my life!
Yesterday he spoke in church and he talked all about his feelings about the church and how he is so excited to continue and work on other names! I just love him and i am so happy for him!
This has been one of my happiest moments on the mission by far. I love experiencing the miracles of the gospel and seeing really how Jesus Christ can change people’s lives. I love love love this work. It is true.
i got super sun burned this day ;(  such a pretty day!
This week my sweet little companion is receiving her mission call and she is anxious about where she is going! We are going to travel to visit her family and open her call with her and her family! Ah! We are so excited!
cow!!!!!! BABY COW!
i touched a baby cow:) it was so cute
divisions with my girlies:) hna dempsey and hna villanueva.... love themmm
i literally made bricks! what the!
how cool right???? i made bricks with a family!
more brick making..... shes a brick houuuuuuuussssseeeeeeee
"Well she's a brick house. She's mighty mighty, just lettin it all hang out"
oh yeah i oonly sang that a billion times! haha
the finished product!

i asked for another name tag and they spelled my name wrong..... its okay

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #55 - LOTS of pictures

Today, Hannah sent a quick message that said, "I AM SO HAPPY"........that is basically music to a mother's ears.  Hannah didn't have time to write a letter today, because she sent 14 ENJOY!!

i love love love my companion! Hermana Baez.  she is so darn cute. 
and we are learning guarani. it is the best.
he will hate me for this but.... a bird pooped on elder choez
we were in the bus station getting ready for travel transfers........haha, it happened
at midnight on wednesday night.  haha
... we had to travel at like midnight to get to our new companions so this was us waiting with fernando and david... they were our bodyguards hahaha. and it was all the girls from minga!

this is my sweet hna arancibia... i love her so much. ah. she has such a powerful testimony!
when i passed a year with hna johnson and hna moreno
my cute grandpa!!
i just love him!
in front of Silverio's house
hna villanueva. she is the best. she is in minga. she is in my zone but she is serving in a branch close to me.
 she is adorable and i love her. we are bestiessss
what the activity looked like from the inside:) 
it was called Noche de Luz... i think i explained about it last week
we tried doing a high school musical picture...... but its okay
all of hna wilsons companions got smaller and smaller.... haha
when hna gonzalez completed 3 months! i couldnt find paper so pass along cards i used!
part of my area!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #54 - New Transfers

activity with minga guazu and ciudad del este. 
This week was a good week! We worked really hard and we had a really fun activity that was called Noche de Luz! We had an activity with the Barrio 2 and the branch Minga Guazu! We invited the members to invite their friends to that they could learn more about the Restored Gospel! It was such an uplifting activity. All of the missionaries sang and we had such a good time! 

activity with minga guazu and ciudad del este. we are the bouncers
For the next transfer.... I will be staying here in Ciudad del Este. I am beyond excited. I will be training a mini missionary which means that she is from Paraguay and she is waiting her mission call! I will be with her when she opens it! I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with her and teach her more about this amazing work. 

mirta arancibia is getting married! yippee! 
i love this woman. she is such a sweetheart.
This week we had a family give us a reference and we are so excited to work with this family. The mothers name is Camila and she has 3 boys. She feels like there has been something missing from her life and she feels that it is a communication with God. We spoke with her and she is really prepared. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with families and to help them learn more! I really feel blessed to be here another transfer. I cannot wait to work with Camila and her family and stay here in Ciudad del Este! :)

picture of hna Wilson and i.
this time last year we were in the MTC learning spanish.
this year we are together in Paraguay speaking and preaching for the people here :) i love her!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #53 - Murphy's Law

I feel bad for all of my Latin companions that do not know what Murphy's Law means.... and I feel bad for all of them because I am cursed with this!
But anyways, we had a Murphy' Law day... Saturday was a kind of hard day. We had an interesting lesson with Silverio (everything is okay now but it was a little bad...) and we were feeling discouraged.
We tried calling 2 investigators and they BOTH did not answer the phone. Finally, Victor called us and told us that he wanted to talk and have a lesson, so we saw him ONLY for him to tell us that he is catholic and that he cannot change. So that was hard.
Then if it couldn’t get any worse, we passed by a less active and she was drinking!
We were a little bit discouraged that night. But, we still continued to send messages so that our investigators could attend church on Sunday... we called and sent messages like crazy!
I always love how Heavenly Father is looking out for His sisters. In church a miracle happened, two of our investigators showed up! We were so happy! That night we reflected and thought that when we have bad days, but if we are trying our hardest, we can still receive the blessings! We felt the blessings from Heavenly Father!