Monday, June 15, 2015

Week #46 - Prayers and Miracles

Our new wall. YAY for Liahona Magazines!!
There is no such joy or happiness than seeing someone you love so dearly progress and change to become more like Christ. 

We have been teaching my cute little abuelo here in Paraguay. His name is Silverio. He is a miracle in my life. But the thing i love most is that he is applying what he is learning into his life, so that he can become better. 
this is our cute investigator silverio

the cats of hno silverio were in his ceiling.... hahahaha i love them!
We always teach him about prayer and the importance of asking God with a sincere heart for things... and he has been doing that! He lives with two of his sons, Gustavo and Junior and they really have never wanted anything to do with the gospel. But Silverio has been praying. He has been praying that his children would have a change of heart and listen to our message. On Thursday, they came and listened. They asked us questions. One even asked for a Book of Mormon. 

Prayer answered for hermano Silverio? Yes.

He also has been praying that they would come to church and try something new on Sunday.... guess what? They came! (They even came to church in the POURING down rain. It was a happy moment!) 

Another prayer answered? Yes. 

This week we as missionaries in the Ciudad del Este zone are focusing on prayers for us and for our investigators. We are so excited to help our investigators progress with more faith in the power of prayer! I know that He listens and that He helps us! :)

Conferencia de CDE

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