Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #66 - Peace Out CDE

All of the pictures today are from a road trip that Hannah took to Brazil!  Enjoy!
Wow! I cannot believe that my time has ended in CDE! It has really been a home for me. These members have treated me like their daughter; I have just LOVED my time here. I will totally miss Paraguay, but I am excited to go to my new area in Argentina. My new area is called Ituzaingó. (& it has a beach. yeah I am excited)

I found out this morning about the changes and I was really excited about changing my area, but also really sad about having to say goodbye to my sweet Silverio. We went over to his house to tell him and I totally started crying. This is the one thing that I do not like about being a missionary! I just love these people with all of my heart!

It will be an exciting week for sure!!

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