Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #65 - My Longest Investigator.........

I have had such an incredible week! I have a LOT of time in the mission.... (sometimes it’s hard to forget because EVERYONE is telling me every two seconds....) BUT this week was SO good. We worked so hard with the members! I don’t know if I have ever worked so hard with the members in my entire mission. 

I want to share a story of one of my favorite and longest investigators of my life/mission. My sweet Maria Elena. Ah, how I love her. I met my sweet Maria Elena my FIRST week here in CDE... (just to help you imagine how long she has been my investigator.... that was 7 months ago!) but anyways, her son Alex is waiting to go to his mission, so he is helping us a lot. On Thursday we went to teach her, but she wasn’t home! We were a little sad, but we had the time to talk to Alex. 

Alex talked to us about what his mom needs. I told him that he was our key to helping her get baptized; he agreed. We told him that we needed his help. He promised to start reading the scriptures and praying with her daily! I was so happy! 

On Saturday night, we did our usual calls to invite all of our investigators to church. Instead of calling Maria Elena, we called Alex. He said that he would take her to church! 

On Sunday, we were looking and looking for her in Principles of the Gospel and we couldn’t see her! We were a little sad! So, we texted Alex and he said that she was there! .... and we totally didn’t look hard enough because she was right in front of our faces! (how embarrassing right?) 

Later that night, we went to her house to talk to her. We felt impressed to talk about baptism. (This was NOT the first time with her...) the first thing she said is that she still wanted to learn more. we told her that us as missionaries still do not know everything but that it is a lifelong process! We asked her again. She said yes. 

We are happy to work with the members here in CDE

Hermana Hannah

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