Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #67 - Short and Sweet

Hannah made it to her new area in ITUZAINGO, ARGENTINA.........she sent a few pictures, but didn't have much time to write today.  In fact, here is her official message:

"I love you too soooo much! I can't write much today! Just say that my town is cute and it reminds me of a latino version of Manzanita beach!:) It's so cute. haha."

So there you have it!!  Short and Sweet!!

Here are some pictures that Hannah sent today.  ENJOY!!

the parana river!

MY NEW COMP. hna goñi
long story short.... the elders left this area and their landlord was angry so we had to clean their mold filled room.... (we were singing i hope they call me on a mission the whole time:))

we LOVE cleaning the elders apartments!!!!! (Can you hear the sarcasm in her typing??)

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