Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #68 - Ituzaingo

Okay. Here we go. I am going to tell you a LOT about my new area today. First off, t is SO beautiful. Every night we pass by the MOST beautiful sunsets. 

There are fireflies. dragonflies. horses. frogs. ah, I just love all of the creations of Heavenly Father. He makes so many beautiful things!

There are great members here. (It is such a cute little branch but I love it! I may or may not have done two musical numbers yesterday in church....don’t get too excited Skyline... it’s not happening... haha!) We have been working a lot with the members this past week. It has been so fun getting to know all of the members. We have the BEST branch president. His name is Presidente Godoy. He is awesome. He works so hard with us. This week as a branch we are starting English class, and we are doing the activity Minute to Win It! I am SO excited! 

We have been working really hard with finding new investigators. It is a lot harder here in Argentina to contact new people so we have had a hard week with new people. In Paraguay you can go to any house and teach anyone. Here, not so much! It has been a hard adjustment but it has been a good one! I love working with the members! 

Hermana Hannah

We went to a place in Paraguay that is called Saltos de MONDAY! It was SO beautiful! These are from my fav sista Hermana Dempsey!

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