Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #69 - "Miracles Happen Once in Awhile if You Believe......."

Yeah, I quoted Princess Diaries. It’s okay. I am just REALLY HAPPY! 

Let’s go back a little to when I completed 1 year in the mission. My mom asked me a bunch of questions about the people I missed, the food I like, and how my Spanish is. One of the things that she asked me was about the investigators that I missed the most. I talked about the cute two kids that I taught in Puerto Rico, Octavio & Ruth.

Okay. This is where it gets exciting. On Thursday we had a zone conference. One of the things that happen during zone conference is that we get letters from former companions or from our families. I got one letter that I wasn’t expecting. As I opened it, tears streamed down from my face because in big bold letters it read: YOU ARE INVITED TO THE BAPTISM OF OCTAVIO & RUTH. I wasn’t expecting it. But it sure made me happy. They got baptized. 

I was saddened when I wasn’t able to stay to see their baptism about 10 months ago. Now I feel differently. I am so happy with their decision to be baptized. I have never felt so peaceful. I sure miss those kids so much! It really was an honor to meet those kids and to work with them! When I was there, the branch president didn’t give them permission to get baptized. It made me sad because I could see their potential. With time, the missionaries have worked SO hard to have this day happen. These baptisms were miracles. We believe in miracles here in the Posadas Argentina Mission:) 

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