Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #36 - Monkeys, Avocados and Conference

This week was a good week. I am finally understanding my area and a LITTLE bit of Guarani. I mean a LITTLE BIT! I can understand sit down, what’s your name, I love you, and hey! Blondie! But that’s about it. haha

This week we prepared all week to have 2 of our awesome investigators attend conference with us. We are currently teaching 2 young ladies named Angela and Lourdes. They are the best. Angela was a reference from someone in our ward. She asked us about the Book of Mormon and she always tells us she is praying to find an answer! She is so great. Lourdes is a mom and she lives with her boyfriend. She is the best. She always makes us fresh juice (I will never drink juice the same way... Paraguayos know how to make juice...) she has been reading the Book of Mormon as well!

Anyways,  we were SO excited because they were both so excited to come to conference with us. But guess what, they did not come. They were both out of town for Easter! BUT don’t worry. We are not sad! We still have faith that they will progress!

One of the things I LOVED about conference was that a lot of the talks talked about faith. I have FAITH that we can help these girls and that they can eventually make covenants with God!

Not actual Monkey........Not actual Avocado......Just thought it was cute!
Can you tell that Hannah's mom is getting desperate for some pictures!!!
This week we taught a lady who gave us about 20 avocados. & I saw a monkey. My mission is cool!

Hermana Murphy

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