Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #39 - I am going to tell you a funny story.....

Thanks Marissa for this picture......Not sure who all is actually IN the picture....
...except for my fav Hermana of course!!
I am going to tell you a funny story. As probably EVERYONE knows, we are working a lot with references. The hard part about where we are working is that there are no street names. Our area is huge. We are learning our area and most importantly, where the members live. We ask the members and less active members for references, and they always give us people to work with.

We had a broadcast with Dallin H. Oaks on Friday (it was awesome btw) and we got back to our apartment around 7 o’clock. We went out to contact one of the references. We contacted the house we thought it was, but our reference wasn’t there! BUT they thought they knew where the reference lived, so they walked with us to their neighbor’s house. As we contact the house, the dad comes up and is like: HEY! I WAS BAPTIZED INTO THAT CHURCH A LONG TIME AGO, I KNOW WHO JOSÉ SMITH IS!! And so we taught his family. 

It was rough. First off there was 80s music blaring (yes, hall & oates, michael jackson, and fleetwood mac...) then the daughters literally asked me EVERY possible question about the United States. After talking to them about 30 minutes we decided to tell them that we wanted to sing for them... (Which was a mistake...) the husband of one of the daughters left and got an amp. A huge amp. He then plugged in a microphone. Yep, we sang for them with their microphone and amp. Their daughter told us she had an album with songs about Jesus and she gave us her cd. Later that night we totally listened to the cd.... yes, she has a song to the music from Titanic. But it is about God. Needless to say, it’s awesome. 

Anyways, that night we thought about what happened. We didn’t find the house we were looking for, but instead we found a part member family. We are really excited to work with them some more and help them! Heavenly Father has a reason for everything and we know that. We look at this experience as a blessing in finding a new family!


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