Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #34 - Baishapa! (How are you in Guarani)

This week was SO exciting. I have been oh so happy this week because I am working with Hermana Gonzalez again. I just love her. Here are some exciting things that happened this week:

1. IT IS FALL! (I finally survived my FIRST and LAST Argentine summer!)
2. Hermana Gonzalez asked to extend her mission a whole 30 days.... and guess what??? SHE IS GOING TO BE MY COMPANION FOR THAT LONG :) I am so excited. 
3. We are teaching some really really cool people. 
4. I AM LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE. I do not know very much (Di Quei Guarani) but I am trying! 

This week was a good, and a little bit stressful. I am learning a new area, and a new language. I have come to realize that God will always give us small miracles and blessings to help us through things that are sometimes a little hard and uncomfortable. That is kind of how I have felt throughout my whole mission. My mission is a little hard, it is certainly a little bit uncomfortable but, He is helping me. He knew that I had to serve here right now and that I had to learn a new culture and a new area... but, he gave me Hermana Gonzalez again. I truly believe this opportunity was a gift from Heavenly Father. & I am grateful.

So, I have been learning a whole bunch this week. I am learning an area that is HUGE! We have to take the city bus and taxi’s everywhere because it is just that big. We have been teaching some really cool people, and we found this reference from a lady in our ward named Angela. She is 17 years old and she goes to high school and watches her nephew every day. She is super cool. She asks us a bunch of questions and she really has a desire to learn, it is awesome! We gave her a Book of Mormon and we are so excited to work with her some more! 

I am in a ward with about 200 people, IT IS HUGE! This ward is amazing. It is so organized and the people love working with the missionaries. We have already received 8 references this week and it is just amazing. 

I am excited to work here and learn more! yayotopata (chao en Guarani!!!)

Hermana Murphy

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