Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week #32 - Dare to be a Mormon, Dare to make it known!

my new companion, Hermana Retana and massages!!
This week was a crazy week! I have a new companion. Her name is Hermana Retana from Costa Rica. She is a doll. Fasted and prayed and prayed and PRAYED for Heavenly Father to send us people that are prepared for the gospel.
.... Guess what?
He sent us Hector. We were walking down this super long road... and Hector pulled us over. He said: "I need what you both have. I need the light of Christ!" He talked and talked and talked about how much he wants to change his life and he just feels like this is what he needs. We are SO excited. We feel so blessed that we can teach hector. He is so great!
.... Guess what else happened?
We taught a great lesson with a dad in our branch! He just moved here from Buenos Aires but all of his family lives here and we taught his mom before! (I taught her with Hermana Gonzalez a lot!) His mom is SUPER catholic. I mean super. But, she never goes to church. it is tradition for her. Her mother died and so she feels like she needs to stay in the church because of her mom.  Anyways, we went yesterday with Hermana Retana and guess what!? Hermano Espindola was there! We taught about forever families and he testified in his tears that families can be together forever. His testimony was so spiritual. It was great!
We had such a good week. We work SO hard. We pray with so much faith. We are seeing miracles.


Hermana Murphy

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