Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #30 - Peter.......and lots of Pictures again! Happy Day!!

we had a party for hermana rupe! she leaves the mission tomorrow! :( she is the best!!
This week was super-fast….Super, super fast! Hermana Gonzalez is changing areas for her last 6 weeks in the mission! I am both happy and sad. I really loved working with her a lot and learned a lot about being a missionary and serving others. I am also excited that she will be having the chance to work in a new area! 
i love hermana gonzalez! :)
My new companion is from Costa Rica and her name is Hermana Retana! I do not know much about her; only that she is super sweet!
Okay, I have been thinking a lot about Peter this week. This week I got really nervous when I found out about transfers. I do not like transfers that much and I felt like I was a terrible missionary and that I could not face this new challenge well.
Then, I thought about Peter. Peter was normal. Peter was a fisherman. He wasn’t famous, just normal. BUT, Jesus Christ knew the potential that Peter had. Peter was invited by Christ to become a fisher of men & he followed.

I thought a lot about how I feeling in adequate --relates to Peter and the potential that all of us have. This week, I did not feel that special. I was super overwhelmed with all of the tasks that I needed to accomplish this next transfer without Hermana Gonzalez. I did not feel special. I did not feel great.
I then thought about how we have transfers to learn new things & how God knows that we can do it and He knows our potential. All we have to do is follow Christ and have faith that we can accomplish the hard things before us. I feel a lot better and more confident that I can do it. I just need to be like Peter and follow faithfully!
i am going to miss taking pictures like this one! hermana larzo leaves tomorrow :(

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. I am learning so much about how I can follow more faithfully.

this picture is of the succulents a sweet mom gave me in the ward. she knows how much i love plants 
 (This picture above will make Grandpa Murphy proud.......)

look who came to spray our apartment for cockroaches! 
hermano chavez and hermano pereyra! 
my two favorites! they took us to get food haha

hermano chavez...... one of my favorite people in the whole world!
food with hermano chavez and hermano pereyra!

everything is so good. i am so happy. i really am happy. i love being here. 
a lot of rain :(
i love being a missionary!!!!
Below is the following excerpt from another email Hannah sent me.  I thought it was funny.  A little insight into her day.....I had written to her that we had 4 weeks until Spring Break.  Then we head to California for a week of sunshine and some yummy food.  Her reply was.......

"While you are eating those lovely things please remember your daughter who is eating pizza with hardboiled eggs and fish on it :)"

My reply, " GROSS!!!!!  Are you serious??? They put eggs and fish on PIZZA????  That honestly makes me gag a little bit.  For real??  YUCK!  At least you have other good things to eat there, right?
Hannah's reply: 

"mom... the pizza here is so gross. it is not like it is at home! there is no MOD PIZZA here! yeah super yuck. could you send me a few simple recipes with ideas for food? like with rice or noodles or other things. i am sick of eating the same thing every day! HELP ME"

So now, a mother's request....if you have a few simple recipes that you would like to email to Hannah she would absolutely LOVE it!!  THANK YOU
Her email address is: 

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