Monday, February 9, 2015

Week #28 - Well.........That Was Scary...............

(be prepared for the best story of your entire life.....)

SO, this week was full of traveling. I went to Posadas TWICE and it was fun. It felt like home. We traveled alllllll day on Friday and at night we both decided that we should go and teach MARISA (one of my fav investigators.) Anyways, we walk to her house at 8:15 ish in the night and we were really nervous that her husband would be there! (her husband works a lot so he doesn't like it when we come to teach when he has a break...) anyways when we got there he wasn't there!!! 

As we walked up to her house we noticed that she was smoking and we were a little bummed... anyways we sit down and talk to her for a little bit and then we start teaching. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and how she can use it as a protection. As I was speaking my companion flipping leap frogs over my body and screams SPIDER!!! (if you don't know, I am not the biggest fan of spiders BUT I have gotten used to spiders here and I am not too afraid of killing them. I was expecting to see a little one...) 

NOPE. It was a full on tarantula..... we both ran and screamed inside her house. It was probably the scariest moment of my entire life!!! Anyways, we finished teaching and talked about how Satan uses SPIDERS to ruin our teaching..... darn tarantulas.... 

Other than that, this week was full of many beautiful moments. I had the opportunity to work with Hermana Cardenas from Mexico and I love her! We had such a fun time teaching and talking.

Thank you for the love and support. Have a good week! I hope you do not see any crazy spiders :-)


Hermana Hannah

A quick note from Heather:  
Hannah said that they were having a zone activity today, so she wasn't able to send pictures and could only write real fast, because they had to get going.  She sounds great still!!
Hannah at a Zone Conference

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