Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #29 - Cute Pictures Alert!!

 being missionaries :)
FIRST HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET MAMA! So excited and happy for her :)
I JUST WANT TO WISH YOU THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS! i am so glad that you are my mom. i wish i could be celebrating with you... just know i am partying hard here for you!! i love you so much! have the best day! TE AMO MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO
This week I am going to try and send a lot of pictures so I am going to keep this short.... last Monday my mom sent me a quote that I thought about ALL week. It says All missionaries, young and old, serve with the sole hope of making life better for other people. Yep, I read that every day, I even wrote it all cute so I could look at it EVERYDAY.
my week was so good.  i love my area. i love being a missionary.
i love life right now. i am one happy camper.
I have MANY New Year’s goals this year. Every single one has to do with how I can focus my life more on the Savior. I know, it is a hard task. I know I fail every day, but I am trying. I know for a fact Jesus Christ is the best at this. He always left people better than He found them. That is one of my goals this year.
Yesterday, I tried to do that with one of my favorite people here in Puerto Rico. Her name is Hermana H and I adore her. She has lots of problems in her life and is usually way negative when we visit her. Anyways, I prayed and prayed and PRAYED with so much faith that I could help her. And guess what, we did! We talked with her. She laughed, and talked to us! (Sometimes when we teach her she doesn't even smile!) We shared a scripture in Isaiah and it totally helped her.
I know that we can all be positive influences and help people have better days. We have that power. Try and do something nice for someone this week and make their lives a little happier :)

we had a party for sweet hermana rupe 
(she goes home next week) and we decided 
to paint our faces with the flags of our mission! :)

hermana larzo and i! she goes home next week :(

my sweet Primary class.  (my companion is the RS
pres, so this is a good calling!)
with hermana anderson and hermana zambrana!

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