Monday, December 1, 2014

Week #18 - Life Here in Argentina........

If pictures are worth a 1,000 words.........then Hannah blessed us with many WORDS today.  Well.........actually, she wasn't able to write very much, BUT she sent quite a few PICTURES for your viewing pleasure.  ENJOY!

From Hannah:

I am not going to write a large letter this week... just lots of pictures with details! Look on my blog for more. I love you all SO much!

4 months down! i had my 4 months yesterday!

Hermana Hannah

these are my sweet grandparents ramona and mario :)
 i love them with all of my heart. i just wish you all could meet them! 
these are the three people that got baptized this weekend!
Ramona Pereyra, Mario Pereyra, and Johanna I LOVE THESE PEOPLE
before johanna got baptized! johanna cantero and hermano rios!
after the baptism. how darn cute is she?
guess who is done with 12 semanas? 
guess who is officially a normal missionary?!! hermana murphy!
today i said bye to hermana anderson! i love her and i am going to miss her so much!

 ZONA POSADAS:  we work hard but play hard too :) 
Zona Posadas!
we were without power for 10 hours so we had a little sleepover :)
with hermana larzo and hermana gonzalez :)

Another note from Heather:

Hannah has transfers this week and she found out that she will be staying in Jardin (where she has been since she arrived.)  She will be getting a new companion and therefore her sweet companion Hermana Moreno is off to Paraguay!  That is exciting for her.  Hannah will be sad to see her go because they have had a great time together. Hannah is excited about meeting her new companion, but is a bit nervous too because suddenly, "i am in charge of our area now!" (I told her she was "Charles in Charge" now.  haha!

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