Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week #20 - Where is Hannah?

Hannah wasn't able to send pictures this week, so a special
THANK YOU to Heather Robson Dunford.  She shared this picture
of her daughter........Hermana Mikayla Dunford and Hannah.  When I
told Hannah that Hermana Dunsford's mom "found me" on Facebook, she said
this about Hermana Dunsford, " i loveeeee her!"
Note from Heather:
Sorry, but I don't really have a letter to post from Hannah this week.  She had about two minutes to email today and all she really said was:

"MOM I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SKYPING.   I AM SO GOSH DARN EXCITED---------- BUT I NEED USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS FOR WHAT I WILL BE USING PLEASE RESPOND!!!!! But really........I don't remember any of my passwords or usernames so I need to use yours or dads or Collin's or Maddie's.... whatever will work fine. But I have Pday on Christmas next week BUT i am able to get on the internet and talk on Monday and figure out plans for skyping or talking. We are trying to find a computer to talk on because I think we will be moving houses..... I can't believe I get to talk to you in 9 days. I am way too excited. BUT I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED A USERNAME AND PASSWORD AND INSTRUCTIONS OF WHAT TO USE AND HOW TO USE IT!!!!  HELP!!!"

So......that's it folks.  Nothing too much this week.  Obviously something was up because:
1.  Yesterday, she didn't email on her Pday.  
2.  Today's email was SUPER short. (But good....so I knew she was at least okay.)
3.  She has to move BEFORE Christmas next week.  

Sounds like some last minute changes are in action, so I can't wait to hear the "full story" next week WHEN WE GET TO TALK TO HER ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! (I am SOOOOO excited I can hardly contain myself!!!)

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