Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week #17 - Cockroaches, Rats and Lots of Laughs.......

Note from Heather:
**There was another holiday yesterday in Argentina, so Hannah's Pday got moved until today......luckily I looked it up BEFORE I overreacted.........so I wasn't worried this time. Shwew!
this is our chapel
number of cockroaches seen this week: 12
number of rats seen this week: 3
number of laughs shared: TOO MANY TO COUNT :) 

Honestly, I am creeped out everyday by all of the weird creatures of Argentina... BUT... I love my mission more and more every single day. I love my mission and the people here. I love my companion. 

We did 2 service projects this week. One with the familia Martinez and we painted a gazebo and then we cleaned out Ramona and Mario´s front room. Yep... that is where I saw the rats and cockroaches... this mission is really helping me face my fears... haha

This week we did not have our baptism with Johanna. That will be this upcoming Saturday with the parents of hermano Pereyra! We are SO looking forward to this weekend. I cannot wait to share this experience with these people. I just love these people. 

This week has been REALLY good and we got 4 references that were awesome. We taught this one lady named Fabiana. She is a doll. She is fun to teach because she was interested in us and our message. She has had a tough life. She has 7 children-- all of which are darling-- and within the last two years her husband and dad have died from cancer. She has the most faith in the world though. She KNOWS that there is a plan for her family. It was fun to teach her about the great plan of our Heavenly Father because I too have so much faith in that plan. 

I really love teaching people about Christ because every time I teach my testimony grows so much more! 

this is hermano jose and this is how he grills things
Thank you for the love and support. I miss you all dearly and cannot wait to hear from you all next week! :) 

Hermana Hannah

Another note from Heather:
Hannah let us know today that exactly ONE MONTH from today.......we get to SKYPE with her on Christmas!!  SO SO SO excited to see and talk to my Hanzee!!  Best Christmas Gift EVER!!!

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