Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #64 - La Carpeta de Area

two of my favorite comps.... hna moreno and hna baez.... i love them!
Every week we have a district meeting. Last week I was assigned to give a lesson on the carpeta de area (area book). The area books are REALLY important. It records all of the progress of the investigators and less active families. As I was giving this talk, I spoke of the importance of keeping it clean and organized (one of my favorite topics:-) ) and updating the information every day! 

As I was speaking I decided to talk about looking for references from the area book! We spoke of a few experiences about finding people from the area book. That night Hna Martinez and I decided to work from that book to find new people to teach. That lead us to the Lopez family. The Lopez family was a family I worked with when i first started here... (which was a long time ago...) and they are a less active family. 

We felt prompted to go to their house. When we went, we found out that the family has one son that is not baptized but one who wants to be! As we talked with him and his family, we set goals about going to church and being baptized. He is going to be baptized in 3 weeks! 

We are so excited to be working with this family and to be finding new people to teach. It really was a testimony builder about the area book! 

Another note... on Thursday I received my TRUNKY PAPERS! :( which means I am coming home soon. I cannot believe it. I totally cried all day on Thursday when I got them. 

TRUNKY PAPERS.... (AKA means i am coming home soon..... eeeep) 

Hermana Hannah

My zone 
pics of me and my zone and me making pancakes.
(yes, you can put it on my blog... hahahaha)
we made lunch 

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