Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week #62 - CONFERENCE!!!

I always say this but I am pretty sure conference is like Christmas here on the mission. I was really blessed to have my SECOND conference here in CDE. Everyone was like, “Hermana Murphy.... how much time do you have here???” YEP. I am basically a member. (But guess what?? I LOVE IT!) 

My favorite talk was the one about the love of a mother. it made me really nervous to be a mom.... but it just made me miss my own mom so much more. But I thought it was so sweet and so true. Then I thought about the talk by Elder Nelson (I am oh so sure all the sister missionaries in the world are talking about this talk....) which I loved. It really made me think of the value of us sisters here in the mission and in the church! Often he said, “We need women who.....” and it is so true! We have so much to give. 

I really thought about the importance of keeping the commandments and being a good disciple of Christ this week. This conference has really made me think about how I can become better and change my life! I know that we have a prophet today that guides us and directs us. I believe in Him and his words. 

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