Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week #56 - A Good Week

This week was one of the HAPPIEST weeks in my mission. I just felt so happy.
This week there was a temple trip.... and guess who went? My sweet little grandpa Silverio.  He has been working on his family history (yes mom you would be proud...) and he was able to do the baptisms for his ancestors. I have never seen someone so happy in my life!
Yesterday he spoke in church and he talked all about his feelings about the church and how he is so excited to continue and work on other names! I just love him and i am so happy for him!
This has been one of my happiest moments on the mission by far. I love experiencing the miracles of the gospel and seeing really how Jesus Christ can change people’s lives. I love love love this work. It is true.
i got super sun burned this day ;(  such a pretty day!
This week my sweet little companion is receiving her mission call and she is anxious about where she is going! We are going to travel to visit her family and open her call with her and her family! Ah! We are so excited!
cow!!!!!! BABY COW!
i touched a baby cow:) it was so cute
divisions with my girlies:) hna dempsey and hna villanueva.... love themmm
i literally made bricks! what the!
how cool right???? i made bricks with a family!
more brick making..... shes a brick houuuuuuuussssseeeeeeee
"Well she's a brick house. She's mighty mighty, just lettin it all hang out"
oh yeah i oonly sang that a billion times! haha
the finished product!

i asked for another name tag and they spelled my name wrong..... its okay

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