Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #53 - Murphy's Law

I feel bad for all of my Latin companions that do not know what Murphy's Law means.... and I feel bad for all of them because I am cursed with this!
But anyways, we had a Murphy' Law day... Saturday was a kind of hard day. We had an interesting lesson with Silverio (everything is okay now but it was a little bad...) and we were feeling discouraged.
We tried calling 2 investigators and they BOTH did not answer the phone. Finally, Victor called us and told us that he wanted to talk and have a lesson, so we saw him ONLY for him to tell us that he is catholic and that he cannot change. So that was hard.
Then if it couldn’t get any worse, we passed by a less active and she was drinking!
We were a little bit discouraged that night. But, we still continued to send messages so that our investigators could attend church on Sunday... we called and sent messages like crazy!
I always love how Heavenly Father is looking out for His sisters. In church a miracle happened, two of our investigators showed up! We were so happy! That night we reflected and thought that when we have bad days, but if we are trying our hardest, we can still receive the blessings! We felt the blessings from Heavenly Father!

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