Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #54 - New Transfers

activity with minga guazu and ciudad del este. 
This week was a good week! We worked really hard and we had a really fun activity that was called Noche de Luz! We had an activity with the Barrio 2 and the branch Minga Guazu! We invited the members to invite their friends to that they could learn more about the Restored Gospel! It was such an uplifting activity. All of the missionaries sang and we had such a good time! 

activity with minga guazu and ciudad del este. we are the bouncers
For the next transfer.... I will be staying here in Ciudad del Este. I am beyond excited. I will be training a mini missionary which means that she is from Paraguay and she is waiting her mission call! I will be with her when she opens it! I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with her and teach her more about this amazing work. 

mirta arancibia is getting married! yippee! 
i love this woman. she is such a sweetheart.
This week we had a family give us a reference and we are so excited to work with this family. The mothers name is Camila and she has 3 boys. She feels like there has been something missing from her life and she feels that it is a communication with God. We spoke with her and she is really prepared. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with families and to help them learn more! I really feel blessed to be here another transfer. I cannot wait to work with Camila and her family and stay here in Ciudad del Este! :)

picture of hna Wilson and i.
this time last year we were in the MTC learning spanish.
this year we are together in Paraguay speaking and preaching for the people here :) i love her!

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