Monday, November 3, 2014

WEEK #14 - ¡YO NO DOY DOS HIGOS! (I don't give two figs)........

missy, will you insta this? thanks! :) 

Hola!! I hope all of you are well and happy. This week has been a really good and happy week. I hope you all had the BEST Halloween in the world :) It is weird to think that last year I was Gilly (hahahaha)

Oh Gilly!!  
Anyways, I had such a fun time with Hermana Moreno, so it is okay. Argentina is not the biggest fan of the USA so they celebrate Halloween on November 1st to be different. 

This week was so fun! We had a fun meeting with the zone. I taught a 10 minute lesson in Spanish! Holla!!! I was so nervous when I was preparing the talk but when I went up to speak and share I was not nervous at all! Woo!!! Also, cool thing. Our zone found BURRITOS! So, we had burritos in our meeting. It rocked. 

This week we started contacting in a different area called Bº Latino America. We contacted 10 new people and have a lot of families interested in our message! It is so exciting. Hermana Moreno is such a great example to me of a missionary. I am so happy I get to finish my training with her. We have SO much fun together. 

This week we were able to teach Ramona and Mario a bunch of times. (In case you haven´t read my other posts.... they are the parents of my familia here in AR! So basically they are my grandparents. they always give us food and clothes. I love them.) 

my investigators/grandparents that i love so dearly!

We changed the date of their baptism to the 29th of November! They are looking forward to it and have attended church 3 times now! Hermana Moreno and I feel like proud parents :) It is so much fun to teach them. 

rain storm!!!

So yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and since my ward is HUGE we don't have to bear our testimonies in the big meeting which is kind of a relief. I kept having this feeling that I need to share my testimony and I did not have the chance. BUT.... Heavenly Father works miracles and one miracle that happened was we had a testimony meeting in relief society. I got up and bore my testimony that I know that Christ is our Savior and He is always with us through every problem! 

I teach this principle everyday and I truly believe in Christ and His power. I know His grace is sufficient for us and I know that through Him we can feel peace and joy. 

Throughout this week I challenge you all to make Christ the centerpiece of your life because I know you all will be so much happier! I love and miss you all. Thank you for the support and prayers-- they are felt and appreciated greatly. 

Chao chao! :)

Hermana Murphy

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