Thursday, September 4, 2014

WEEK #5 - FOUR DAYS MORE!!! (I'm Pretty Sure this is a Les Mis reference from Hannah! haha)


Can you believe my LAST P-day is finally here?! I cannot believe I have survived the MTC. The next stop is Argentina which is so scary but exciting! I cannot wait to go!!! 

This week some awesome things happened. Hermana Wilson and I finished teaching our "investigator" named Alex. He was really hard to talk to because he would laugh at us every time we spoke pretty much. haha. Anyways, we had the BEST lesson about the Word of Wisdom and we asked him to follow it. It was awesome and I really felt like the spirit was leading that discussion. The next day we taught him again and took one of our teachers, Brother Meza with us. (He served his mission with Tanner Dougall!! Love small world stories!) Anyways, we asked him to be a ward member that has overcome an addiction. It was fun to take someone with us that has that experience. EXCEPT it made me really think about how much Spanish I do not know yet. haha They were talking SO darn fast. Whenever I am listening to natives speak, I just try to pick out words instead of whole phrases. 

Okay another embarrassing story of the week. Just so everyone knows embarrassed does not have a cognate in Spanish. So don't try unless you want everyone to know that you are pregnant. I learned the hard way for sure. We were talking to people and I was telling them that I was embarrassed about my Spanish so I said, "estoy embarrasada!" I really said, I am pregnant!! hahaha that is just basically my life. 

On a more spiritual note, I have really come to love and understand prayer. I was talking about how we really know if God listens to us and answers our prayers with one of my favorite people, Hermana Herrera. We were discussing that sometimes it is hard to feel the love of God or understand how to feel it. I was telling her that there were so many instances where I have felt God's hand in my life.  An instance in the MTC where I know God has truly helped me was with the teachers we have! We have Hermano Byers (formally Felix, my first "investigator") and Hermana Pullan. They are answers to my prayers no doubt. Every single other teacher that has come into my class and taught me, I have cried with. But for some reason, I have not felt anxious or scared around these two. I know it is Heavenly Father blessing me with them. I love them! I know that God is aware of us and always willing to help us when we need it. If you pray to Him, I know he will answer you! 

I was able to be a missionary host again and I just have to tell you all about the SWEETEST hermana I helped. She is from Mexico and will be serving in Mexico so her English is not very good. Good thing I have been at the MTC for 6 weeks now! I was able to speak Spanish with her the whole time! It was probably the most gringo Spanish in the world, but it was still Spanish. Anyways, when I dropped her off at her classroom and said goodbye, She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek! How. Cute. Is. That?! I really hope the people of Argentina are like that! I am so excited to meet people who are so warm! 

I received my Travel Plans last Friday and I will be leaving in a short 4 days! I will be traveling with all of my Posadas peeps! Hermana Wilson, Elder Christiansen, Elder Gardner, Elder Gallini, Elder Herzog, Elder Mahoney, and Elder Merrell. (Mom, 2 of them are from Texas!!!) I am so excited to travel with them. They are some of the most top notch people I have ever met!! I cannot wait to travel with them. I am sure I will have some crazy stories about it for all of you! 
I am so excited to spread the good word of the Lord to the people of Posadas. I love this work more than anything and I am SO lucky I get to do this. Everyday putting on this name tag brings me so much happiness! 

Hermanas Wilson, Shumway, Murphy & Herrera
(These four are really going to miss each other!)

Word of the week: Posadas = shelter! (Cute huh??) 

Hermana Murphy

Other photos from Hannah (some are courtesy of Hermana Shumway....THANK YOU!)

This has to be one of my VERY favorite pics! 
In our family we have "a thing" for recreating
poses of statues!  (I seriously could make an
entire book of pictures of these poses.)  
I LOVE that Hannah has now done that with 
her friends!!  Another photo for the book!  YES!!

(Also.......if you want to send Hannah a letter now I would suggest just using and make sure you send it to her mission and not the MTC.  Tomorrow (Sept 5) at noon will be the last day she will receive letters through that service at the MTC.  I will update the sidebar with her address in either Argentina or Paraguay once she arrives on Monday......well actually Tuesday.)

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