Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #60 - I Will Try Your Cake.........

Well, I am here another transfer! That means I will have 5.5 transfers here in CDE. I just love it here and I have some progressing investigators so I am excited! I also will be training again! I am going to be a mom for the third time!!

We have goals in the misión to contact a ton of new people! (I have been talking about that a bunch over the past couple of weeks...) and we are trying to come up with creative ways to contact people. Just in case you don’t know.... all of the sister missionaries here love clothes so we have been trying to use that. Practically every neighborhood has one house of used clothes here so we have been trying to us that to contact. (We are not allowed to shop during the week but we use it to get into the house haha) It has been working!

2 weeks ago we met a sweet lady named Graciela. She has 2 daughters and her boyfriend lives with her. (They still are not married yet) we taught her the first lesson and she loved it. She told us without us asking anything that she wants to get married to receive the blessings. I told her that we wanted to teach her whole family together and she said that there was NO way her husband would listen...

.... 5 days passed and we went to talk with her & her husband was there!! We invited him to talk and he said yes, but that he never wants to go to our church because it is far from his house. We explained about everything and he was listening very carefully.

I related it to a cake. I said that we will never know if the cake is good unless we try it. & then I bore my testimony.

He said, I will try your cake. I want to go to your church.

It was one of the most powerful teaching experiences that I have had in my misión. I am so excited to continue teaching this family. I love this góspel!

(sidenote: sorry some of the words are in Spanish.... the computer is doing that... haha)

Hermana Hannah

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