Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #59 - Brazil, Consejo, no camera

No mom wants to wake up to a one sentence message like this from her missionary daughter:  
"... hi.... no pics.... someone robbed me:( i will explain later but no one hurt me. it's okay! i am happy!"

I had to wait 6 hours and 46 minutes to receive this next message.  I am much relieved and thankful that everyone is okay........looks like pictures may be few and far between for the rest of Hannah's mission, but that's okay.  She said she'd try to "mooch off her comps" for the last four months.  haha!
Well, this was one of the FASTEST weeks of my whole mission. I feel like it went by in 3 days!
This week one of our main focuses is to find new people to teach. We are working on finding new people. We still feel like it is awkward sometimes contacting so we come up with some games to do. One of the things we did was we picked a random name and decided that we were going to find that person. We picked the name Gabriel. After we picked the name we went on a hunt for Gabriel. We found a perfect house. The doors were open & there were little kids outside so we contacted it!
A woman came to the door. Her name is Selina! As we were contacting her, we asked for Gabriel! Not expecting to find him, she said, ``Gabriel is right here! `` He was her neighbor! Right as we turned, we noticed that he was leaving. So we decided to talk to her & her family! It was such a great experience and we were able to teach them about the gospel!
Now I will share a sad story of the mission! This week I went to a counsel meeting in Argentina and we had to leave all of the bags in a different room and during that meeting someone came in and robbed me and all of the sisters. They sadly took all of my money and my camera! But nothing else and we are safe, so everything is okay!
Today I was able to experience one of the most wonderful things about my mission. 3 countries! I was able to go into Brazil, Argentina, & of course Paraguay! I have pictures somewhere of the 3 fronteras so I will try and send it! I love my mission. I am so blessed to be here. It truly is the best! :)

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