Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #50 - The Pope

This week was a little challenging for all of us missionaries. The Pope came. Three of our investigators went to see the pope in Asuncion... but it is okay. Now I know what it feels like to be a missionary in Italy. haha

We have been teaching and meeting some really great new people. I want to share an experience that we had this week as we were teaching a long-term investigator Sandra. Sandra is one of my favorite people here, but one who is not progressing. She is not reading the Book of Mormon. She is not praying. We talked with her about how important it is to read and pray to know if what we are teaching is true. We also told her that we cannot come often if she is not willing to read and pray. 

She told us something really special. She said, ´´I am willing to read and I feel like what you are saying is true because you always have all of the answers.´´ 

As we have been teaching her for a couple months we have ALWAYS used the Book of Mormon to explain the answers. We then explained that the BoM has all of the answers that we need! it answers all of the questions of our soul! She is willing to read and to learn more. I really have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and we can find our answers if we are only willing enough to read and learn more! 

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