Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #12 - Soy una gringa de Dios (Whatever that means??) haha

{YAY!! Pictures this week!!}

This week has been really rough for my companion so not much happened with contacting! I have a few funny “Hannah moments” so please brace yourself. If you do not know, my mission is basically in the jungle and there are some really weird bugs. A couple of days ago I was getting breakfast ready and I flipping saw a cockroach the size of my hand on the floor. It gets worse..... IT WAS FIGHTING WITH A SCORPION!!!! My companion is the bug killer, but she was in the shower so I had to come up with a creative way to kill it. I probably looked at those bugs for a good 15 minutes before I did anything about it. I was totally stressed out!!!
I took the end of the broom and kept hitting them until they died. It took a good 10 hits for the scorpion to die.  Hermana Moreno walked out when I was trying to kill them and she could not stop laughing! She always tells me that gringas are the biggest babies when it comes to bugs... I believe it. Now I feel like I could live in AZ without any problems!!
Mom and Dad, are you proud or what?!!?!?!?!? When I get home I can kill all the bugs in the house :) after 18 months I will be a pro. Anyways, I think Heavenly Father wanted me to learn how to deal with bugs! I need this haha.
Anyways, I have a cool experience to tell you all about!  On Saturday the stake was holding an activity for the youth. It was called “Missionary for a Day.” We were able to go around with the youth and teach them what it is like to be a missionary! Yes. I was in charge of 2 girls. By myself.  IN SPANISH. You all have no idea how nervous I was for this. I prayed all morning that it would go well.... and it did! I taught lesson 1 by myself 7 times! I honestly needed that experience because I needed to be more confident with my Spanish. Speaking of my Spanish, I understand well but speaking is hard for me. It is weird because I can have a super long conversation with Hermana Moreno even using past tense but when I get with investigators, I freeze!!! Anyways, it is coming along well. I try and focus on WHY they say what they say instead of what they say and it works really well.
This week we have transfers (can you believe I have almost been out for 3 months...) Hermana Moreno and I will still be serving in Barrio Jardin!! We will finish my training together :) She is seriously awesome! I am so grateful for her!
Thank you all for the love and support! I love you all more than you know and I love getting your letters and love! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!
Hermana Murphy

this is hermana león. she is a doll and she cleans our clothes

oh yeah. i forgot to tell you my foot is super swollen by some weird bug bite....

Familia Rios!! Camila, Nedela, me, and Mañuel


My Zone at the Ruins.......elder muñoz, elder litchfield, me, hermana dance, hermana anderson, hermana gonzales, hermana moreno, hermana larzo
This last picture was sent especially to Rick.......she knows her daddy well..........

we eat this basically everyday. you should be jealous :)
just kidding. i feel like i break the WofW at every meal!!


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