Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week #11 - ALMOST Like Disneyland..........

Hello everyone!
My heart has returned to a normal beating pattern and the knot has left my stomach.......we FINALLY heard from Hannah today.  I didn’t ever think about how unsettling it would be to not hear from your missionary.  But alas, apparently Argentina had a holiday yesterday and therefore the missionaries had to move their P-day until today..........SHWEW! 
Here is Hannah’s letter.  Enjoy!
This week has been crazy!!! Sorry friends, P day for me was on a Tuesday this week. There was some holiday so everything was closed :( This Sunday in AR is Mother’s Day, so have the best mother’s day to all my favorite moms out there! Especially my sweet momma :)
This week has been crazy!!! Disregard everything I said about Jorge, he can be baptized!! Pres. LaPierre said he is all good :) I really enjoy teaching Jorge because I understand him. Not all the time what he is saying, but I understand him spiritually and what he needs spiritually. It is so funny how the Spirit works!!! Sometimes I have no idea what he is saying (he is from Colombia so he talks really fast....) but whenever we teach him, I always know what to say and what scripture story to share with him. It is so cool.
I had my first division with Hermana Anderson on Friday! She is so cool! I learned a lot from her. Something that I really like is that she is a great listener and very patient for her investigators. She is such a great example! She is heading home soon, so she gave me 2 bottles of 100 percent deet and ALL of her gospel library books. (mom be proud, I am already done with 2 of the four... ) The bugs here are insane and my legs are filled with bug bites. but they are healing thanks to Hermana Anderson :)
Hermana Romana Pereyra and her husband Mario came to church on Sunday! They will be getting baptized soon which I am so excited for :) We taught gospel principles and she cried! I seriously love seeing how the Spirit works on people! I just know that this gospel is true and is right for everyone!
I just want to take a minute and describe my days to everyone. A lot of people have asked me if we have cars. No, we do not. So, let me explain our walking days to you all. You know what it is like after a long day at Disneyland? You know, like when you want to ride Tower of Terror and then right after you have to walk to the other park and ride Space Mountain because you have fast passes, and then back to the other park and stand in line for 3 hours? Those are my days. My feet are always Disneyland tired.  But it´s okay because this place is truly the happiest place on earth, not Disneyland. I love it here.
Thank you everyone for your love and support. I love reading your emails and hearing about everything at home. Please don't feel bad if I don't respond! I really do not have much time!!!
Hermana Murphy

Hannah's mission president: President LaPierre, his wife Hermana LaPierre, Hermana Moreno and Hannah.....the tallest person in Posadas I think.  haha!

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