Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #75 - Diary of TWO Gringas

Okay, I am so glad that I was able to send a good long note the last week! I was able to write to you all about 3 days ago. Hermana Ehlert is doing better with her arm and all is well! 

Okay yesterday, we left normally to church. Then we went to lunch with an elderly couple from the branch and then we headed home normally..... but then something horrible happened.... I was walking into our room (in the dark) to turn the air on (because it was well above 90 degrees) and a cockroach fell on my leg! So yeah, that totally freaked me out. Then I turned and looked into our bathroom and i saw 35 cockroaches! And they were NOT tiny.

I screamed a little bit and Hermana Ehlert came and she saw what was happening. We both freaked out and decided that we needed to kill them. A little side note.... we have never had experiences with cockroaches before the mission so it is a little hard for us to kill them, BUT we came up with a very creative way to do so :) Hermana Ehlert was Raid girl, and I had the broom. I would hit them from the wall, and she would spray. THEN I would hit them again until they got on their backs, and she would spray again. Let’s just say, our house smells a lot like Raid right now...

Anyways, it was an eventful afternoon, but it’s okay because we killed all of them! Go us! :)

Hermana Hannah

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