Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #25 - One Happy Hermana........

What a week!  For all of you that didn't know, I was transferred out of my first area! I was really excited to leave, but I wasn't ready to leave some of the people. I am not going to lie, it was really, really hard leaving the people I love so much. It was really sad. 

this is jeremy. his mom is one of my favorite people and they are the most beautiful family
 i have ever seen. they gave me a dress when i left! 
the dad is a pastor of another faith but we became really close with them! 
this is rianna of the family that i love love love. she always kisses me on the cheek and i miss her. :(

hermana primo de peru :)
I cried when I left the familia Balbuena, Hermana León, Hermana Gonzalez (one of my favorite people currently serving in Lavalle 2), and of course my sweet Hermana Tapia. Hermana Tapia was one of my hardest goodbyes, but I know I will see her sometime before she leaves! 

My new companion is Hermana Gonzalez:
AAAAAAAAND...... my companion is tiny once again and she's from Nicaragua
Okay,  my new area is the BEES KNEES. Seriously I love it. It is so clean here, I do not have mud all over my legs at the end of the day! That is a nice plus! 

my apartment is perfect!  view from my apartment!
new apartment... it is huge and really pretty
(Hannah's new area is called Puerto Rico, Argentina.  It is three hours from Posadas, Argentina.  It's in the "Iguazu Zone", but is still three hours from Iguazu Falls. It's right on the Rio Parana river and directly across from Paraguay. She can see Paraguay, but still doesn't have her visa to go there yet.)

GUESS WHAT?? THERE ARE GERMANS HERE! I am contacting the houses in German so that people will want to hear a message from us. There are so many people that have been speaking German to me! It is so fun!

(I was SO HOPEFUL that her four years of German would come in handy on her mission........well, look at her now!!! Sehr gut!!!)

There are a ton of hills here, which is the only bad part. I thought that the Overlook hill in Lake Oswego (by grandma and grandpa Murphy's house) was bad, but if you think that hill is bad, you need to come to Puerto Rico. haha. 

I am a teacher for the PRIMARY here! It is so fun! (I thought it was hard teaching primary in English, but it is a lot harder in Spanish....hahaha) That is my calling here. We are in a branch and it is so small and my first experience in a branch. (there are like 40 people in the branch. YES! It is a great areaI) I love it. I gave a talk yesterday in church for 10 minutes! I think it went well too! I spoke about this gospel being a protection for us and how we need to all be missionaries and invite our friends to this protection! 

I love my new area a whole bunch and I am super happy here! 

....... and we had tacos!!!

Hermana Hannah

Other Random short email's from Hannah:

**OH MY GOSH THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE HAPPINESS I FEEL IN THIS AREA. THE BRANCH IS AMAZING AND THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST GOOD MEMBERS. I AM SO SO SO SO HAPPY........And my companion is awesome. I am having withdrawals of Hermana Tapia... I miss her like CRAZY but Hermana Gonzalez is great too! 

A quick email from Hannah to her Papi:

**DADDY!!!! HOW ARE YOU? I absolutely love my new area. GUESS WHAT? There is a famous person in my very, very, very, small branch. He played soccer professionally for the Team River (CARP) in Argentina! I thought you would like that! I might buy a jersey and have him sign it for you:) he is SOO awesome. You would love my new area!  It is so clean and nice. no dead rats, just A BUNCH OF COCKROACHES!!!! HAHAHA

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