Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #24 - Dead Rats, Sergio, y Transfers.......Oh My!!

crazy rain storm!
Yes, I know you all are excited for this letter judging by the title.... 

Hermana Tapia and I had a dumb moment this past week. If you did not know,  before we have had a problem with rats in our house. We think there is a family of rats--and I mean a BIG family like with cousins too-- living in our house. Anyways, our dumb moment was giving them poison... so yes... we have a ton of dead rats in our house and yes, it smells awful. If you never have smelled a dead animal before, come to Barrio Jardín and you will...

this is hermano chavez.... my hero the past week. he is the best!

scared about the rats in our house.... :(

We have had a LOT of sleepovers with the sisters in that has been fun! Luckily, we have the best dad in our ward, Hermano Chavez that has helped us almost every day this past week. 

hna gonzalez is my fav (no this is not my new companion. there are a lot of gonzalezs here....) 
i want to be her companion though!
Today, I saw the Argentine Sergio.... and for those who do not know who that is... you need to. (sorry this is more for my mom, Marissa, Maddie, Megan, and daddy.) 
Don't you worry, I have a picture with him so be excited! 

THE PIC YOU ARE WAITING FOR WITH SERGIO! yes we were seranaded by sergio!
 hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha .....sergio!!
Sorry,  I just had to share some funny Hannah moments with you all because they are so "typical me" it is not funny. Anyways, we have had some really good progress with investigators and I am really excited to see what will happen with them. I will be changing my area this week...... VOY A AREA PUERTO RICO! It is in Iguazu! I am so excited to go to my new area! 

This is where Hannah is moving on Wednesday......AMAZING or what???
On Sunday I had a really cool spiritual experience. We went to eat lunch with a family that is in the area of the elders. It was a really pretty morning so we decided to walk. (just letting you know this walk is a good 4-5 miles and a lot can change in the weather in 4-5 miles....) We were caught in a crazy thunderstorm. We ran to the family's house and made it there just in time! It was crazy. After we finished lunch, we waited for the rain to die down so that we could leave. Once it died down a little, we headed to our house. We were walking as fast as we could when we got caught in another bad part of the storm. We waited on a little porch for awhile and I was scared not going to lie.....I said a prayer to Heavenly Father to send me a car with one lady driving it so that we could get home safely. 

We decided to walk a little farther. We thought we were on the right street but we were lost. I did not know what to do. A few minutes later I saw a car and noticed that there was a lady in it! We waved her down to ask for directions and she said we were super far away and that she would take us home! My prayer was so answered! 

Later that night i thought about my experience with a lot of gratitude. I thought about how I was far from home. I was scared, and that I needed help. God helped me on Saturday and I am so grateful for Him! 

This week was a really good week. I am excited for a new area, but I am really sad to be leaving my best friend Hermana Tapia! I love her so much! 
i love hermana tapia!
Thanks for all of the support and love. I love you all so much! 

Hermana Hannah

i love hermana gonzalez so much. she is from paraguay!

look! i have a BOM in guarani! i will never be able to read it-- but i have it! 

In case you are wondering........
here is the ORIGINAL Sergio...........

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