Thursday, July 3, 2014

Temple Time

Hannah had a wonderful experience of going to the Portland Temple with family and close friends.  It was a wonderful evening.

(Sorry.......Hannah MADE us pose by this sign!  Woot for 25 years of marriage!)

Corinne Keeler has been a very important person in BOTH of my girls lives.  Love her!

So happy to be with Aunt Mimi and Uncle Mitchell Beem

Uncle Scott, Cousin Megan, Grandpa and Grandma Murphy, 
Hans, Rick, Heather , Mitchell and Mimi

(bottom row) Mitch, Scott, Megan, Mike, Marilyn, Hans, Rick, Jeanne Hansen, Chris Allen
(top row)  Kristene Allen, Mimi and Maren Hansen

Wouldn't it be fun if they were going to the same mission?

After the temple, Grandpa and Grandma Murphy treated the whole group to one of Hannah's all-time favorite places..........CHIPOTLE!!

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