Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hannah's Farewell

Hannah had her farewell during Sacrament Meeting today and it was a WONDERFUL meeting.  It is a day I will never, ever forget..........

After church we had a family dinner for all of the family visiting and family that lives in the Oregon/Washington area.  It was such a great afternoon.  (I love having everyone together!!)  After we had the family dinner, we picked up the food from our meal and then set up for a "Come Say Goodbye to Hannah" party in our backyard.  Hannah is VERY LOVED and many people came to wish her well on her new adventure........

Kent, Great Aunt Kathy and Hans

 Cousin Holli, Mamma, Cousin Karen, Aunt Kathy and Great Aunt Vera

Hans and Mads......sister love.

Uncle Scott, Grandpa Murphy (and Grandpa Beem's head)

Mimi, Mitch and Brian

Cousin Megs and Hannah

Austin Golding and Hannah

Jarrett Pinster, Hans, Rick, John and Lois Pinster

Hannah's favs:  Reenie and Kimball Fisher

The neighbors MOST EXCITED that Hannah is going to ARGENTINA!!  (Josh served his mission in Argentina and Jillyn's parents are currently serving a mission in Argentina.  You can say they are quite the fans!! (Could they be any cuter?)

The J-B's (Pauline, Ruby, Harline and Evie) with Hannah

Daddy-Daughter Day.......Mom-Heather and Grandpa Bud Beem

Kelly Nelson, Justin, Ashley and Macey Thelin

John and Lucille Schade, Hans and Sheryl Ecklund

Katie Heywood (Hannah's roommate at college) and Maren!

Kristene Allen and Hannah

Brian and Megan Schnell!  We love our family!!

Tali, Mimi, Mitchell, Noah and Logan Beem.....cousins forever!!

It was a MOST EXCELLENT day!!  
Glad to have an awesome excuse to get everyone together!

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